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How to Customize Scanning Process?


Malware KO Free provides both rapid & deep scanning modes for malicious software. It scans every place where malware can strike its roots, and not just common places in registry and files, like some other programs. You can have a complete scan from files, processes, cookies, Hosts file, folders, registry to non-malicious files to remove all kinds of malware. Furthermore, you are allowed to ignore files larger than your specified size from scanning. Now, download and install Malware KO Free to customize scanning process.

1. Activate Customize Scanning Process Window

Click "Customize scan" to activate "Customize scanning process" window.

Activate Customize Scanning Process Window

2. Specify Scanning Process

In the box of "Scan areas", areas like Files, Registry, Processes, Cookies, Hosts file, etc. are checked to scan. To skip any of them, just unselect them. The files larger than the certain size you specified can be ignored. In the "Scanning mode" box, select scanning mode: Express for a fast scan or Deep for a thorough scan. If you choose deep mode, it is able to scan any partition and drive in your PC; or you can just select a folder to process scan. To schedule a scan periodically, click "Configure scheduled scanning".

Specify Scanning Process

For detailed schedule settings, please go to How to Schedule Scanning.

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