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How to Schedule Scanning?


The inbuilt time scheduler of Malware KO Free allows easy configuration of automated and scheduled scanning of your computer. You have very precise control over the schedule and frequency of scanning. You may choose to run scheduled scans at a certain time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to automatically remove malware. Now, download and install Malware KO Free to schedule scanning.

1. Activate Customize Process Window

Launch Malware KO Free and click "Customize scan".

Activate Customize Process Window

Then click "Configure scheduled scanning" and you will turn on task scheduler.

Activate Customize Process Window

2. Specify Schedule

Check "Scan on a schedule" to let the scanning task process on Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Then, you can specify the scan areas and scanning mode. The files larger than the certain size you customized can be ignored. Click "Save" and the program will take proper action for all detected malware.

Specify Schedule

For detailed customization, please go to How to Customize Scanning Process.

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